EUROSAI (European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions), one of the Regional Groups of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), was established in 1990 and today membership stands at 50 SAIs including the SAIs of 49 European States and the European Court of Auditors. The purpose of EUROSAI is to build a framework for the exchange of knowledge among members, to promote mutual enrichment and to improve the audit of public funds.

As decided in the IXth EUROSAI Congress (2014), Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA) hosted the Xth EUROSAI Congress and took over the 3 years-presidency of EUROSAI from Netherlands.

The Xth EUROSAI Congress which was held in Istanbul, 22-25 May 2017, is designed as a four-day event, which inherently consists of the 47th and 48th EUROSAI Governing Board meetings and plenary sessions of the Congress and also includes Seminars and Work Sessions organized on the theme of the Congress: “Implementation of ISSAIs; Challenges and Solutions”.

Since we intend to turn the Congress into an opportunity for discussing the major problems in the field of public sector audit besides the main theme of “ISSAI implementation”, two Breakout Sessions each including one Seminar for the Heads of SAIs/Organizations and five concurrent Work Sessions for the fellow delegates were organized.

To make EUROSAI more agile and responsive in the new strategic plan period, as an innovative way of cooperation and collaboration, the Marketplace of Ideas on the pivotal topic of “Initiative for stronger EUROSAI” was organized during the Congress. On the occasion of the Marketplace, an enabling environment for the related parties was created to communicate new ideas and initiatives.

The Congress, built on these fruitful events, has been remarkable since we were able to exchange our ideas and experiences for adding value. An environment was successfully established to bring the related parties together and create an opportunity for discussion and brainstorming. In this respect, the conclusions and recommendations composed at the end of the Congress (Istanbul Declaration) will without any doubt provide precious inputs for the further improvement of ISSAI framework as well as for strengthening SAIs and increasing the quality of audit work.